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Episode 49: The Best of 2007

You sent in your nominations, and Chase, Blake and Mike Bellamy have taken them, tossed them up, and come up with the best in comics of 2007! Best writer? Best artist? Best storyline? Best publisher? Some of the choices will be obvious, and some will surprise the heck out of you. And instead of a pick of the week, stay tuned for the end of the show for our picks of the year! E-mail us with comments or suggestions at! Music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.

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So Chase goes solo, one more time as he looks at AVP. He briefly talks about the movies and his two favorite books.
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Episode 48: Christmas Comics Santa Claus is loading up the sleigh, so this weekend Blake and Chase talk about their favorite Christmas Comics. The guys talk about yuletide adventures with Superman, the X-Men, Deadman, Uncle Scrooge, Herobear and many more! Then, in the picks, the guys cheer themselves with the Moonstone Holiday Super Spectacular and Ultimates 3. Come back next week for the year-end spectacular! Music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.
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Episode 47: Disney Comics It's time for a little family fun as Chase and Blake tackle the intricate world of Disney Comics! From their origins at Dell in the 1940s, up to today's books from Gemstone and Slave Labor Graphics, the guys talk about the history of Disney in comics, some of their favorite stories, what they're doing right, and what they could be doing better -- and their findings just may surprise you. In the picks this week, Chase gives his props to The Walking Dead #44, while Blake has a big belly laugh with... World War Hulk: Aftersmash? We told you guys -- this episode isn't what you'd expect. Send your comments to Music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.
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Episode 46: Justice League of America It's time for our intrepid geeks to talk about the premiere superhero team of the DC Universe, the greatest team of all time, the Justice League of America! Blake, Chase and guest-geek Mike Bellamy delve into their favorite stories featuring every incarnation of the Justice League, they discuss the current comic book, and they shudder at the thought of the in-development Justice League movie. In the picks this week, Blake is all about the Justice Society of America #11, while Chase goes out a limb and talks about All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #8. Only a few days left, guys -- send your nominations for the best in comics for the year to! Check out the list of categories at the Forums section at Comixtreme. Music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.
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Episode 45: World War Hulk

With Marvel's big crossover for the summer finally over, Blake and Chase spend this week talking all things World War Hulk. From the Planet Hulk lead-in to the best and worst crossovers to the three spin-off books emerging from the ashes, the guys dissect the new life of the Jade (or... um... Crimson?) Giant! In this week's picks, Blake digs the new creators of Supergirl and Chase finds a classic in the original Squadron Supreme! Don't forget to send in your nominations for the year-end spectacular, and tell the guys your picks for our next three topics: Justice League, Disney comics, and our favorite Christmas Comics! Your choices for these three episodes, your nominations for the year-ender and any other thoughts you have can be sent to! Music for this episode provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.

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Episode 44: Comic Book Turkeys With their stomachs full and the urge to take a Thanksgiving nap, Blake and Chase sit down this week to dish on some of the all-time comic book turkeys -- comics that were supposed to be the Next Big Thing and turned out to be the thing everyone wishes they could forget. Spider-Man: Chapter One; The Dark Knight Strikes Again; JLA: World War III and X-Men: The End have their badges of dishonor bestowed upon them. But not to end on a down note, the guys talk about some of the great comics out there that they're thankful for: Booster Gold, PS 238, The Walking Dead and Jonah Hex, just to name a few! Don't forget to send in your nominations for the 2 in 1 Showcase Best of 2007 episode to! Check the show thread at Comixtreme. for a list of categories! Music for this episode provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.
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Ep. 43 The One Without Blake
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Episode 42: Tales From the Quarter Bin It's the Showcase Crew's greatest challenge yet! Armed with only a dollar each, Blake and Chase delve into the comic geek's mana from Heaven -- a Quarter Bin! The guys review an eclectic mix of old-school comics, including Warlock, Power Pack, Supreme, Fade From Grace, Star Trek: The Early Voyages, Captain Confederacy, James Bond Jr. and Here Come the Big People! This week's picks include Astonishing X-Men and the Heroes hardcover. Send us your comments at Music for this episode by Download, available at the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.
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Episode 41: Captain America

Back to business as usual, the guys spend this week discussing the Star-Spangled Avenger, Captain America. They pick their favorite stories, discuss the current comics, complain about the new costume and place the over/under on Steve Rogers' inevitable return. This week's picks include the new title Proof and the classic Kirbyverse title Captain Glory. E-mail us, as always, at Music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.

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Episode 40: Halloween Spooktacular The 2 in 1 Showcase Halloween Spooktacular comes to a close as the guys discuss some of their all-time favorite Halloween comic books! The guys discuss spooky adventures with Superman, Captain America, Donald Duck and the gang at PVP, then delve into the Halloween specials and other creepy comics that came out in the past month, including Simon Dark, Franklin Richards: Monster Mash, Marvel Zombies 2 and many more! This week's picks include the deliciously haunted Crawl Space: Xxxombies and the decidedly family-friendly Walt Disney Treasures: 75 Years of Innovation. Come back next week for a return to our regular format with the shield-slinging adventures of Captain America, and don't forget to drop us a line at!
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Episode 39: Monster Mash!

The 2 in 1 Showcase Halloween Spooktacular continues! This week Chase and Blake talk about their favorite monsters and their favorite monster comics, from classics like Tomb of Dracula to modern hits like The Astounding Wolf-Man and everything in-between. Their picks this week include The Umbrella Academy and the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special, and there's still time to share your thoughts on the Spooktacular and your own favorite Halloween comics. E-mail, or record yourself as an MP3 and send it to us so we can share your throughts on the show!

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Episode 38.5: The Worst Part In this 2 in 1 Showcase bonus episode, special guest star Dr. Pus of the Library of the Living Dead podcast is good enough to share with us his wonderful dramatic reading of Blake's latest short story, the zombie tale "The Worst Part." For more zombie fun, check out this week in the Think About It Central Halloween Party, and be sure to come back Saturday for the 2 in 1 Showcase MONSTER MASH!
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Episode 38: Zombie Jamboree The Halloween Spooktacular continues! Blake, Chase and guest-host Kenny Fanguy board themselves up in the secret lair while the undead pound on the windows, clawing, desperate to eat their flesh. How better to spend the apocalypse than talking about their favorite zombie comics? The Walking Dead, Army of Darkness, Black Gas, Marvel Zombies and many others enter the spotlight. This week's picks include Battlestar Galactica Season Zero and the zombie-packed Shadowpact #17. And stay tuned to your iPods, friends, because there will be a special mini-episode on Tuesday featuring an original zombie tale by one of our hosts! There's also still time to e-mail picks for your favorite Halloween comics to
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Episode 37: EC Comics and Tales From the Crypt

It's week one of the 2 in 1 Showcase Halloween Spooktacular, and we're kicking it off in style! Blake and Chase talk about the history of the greatest horror comic publisher of all time, the legacy it left behind, the artists it inspired, the groundbreaking Tales From the Crypt HBO TV series, the sublime archive editions from Gemstone and the new Crypt comics from Papercutz. In the picks this week, Blake goes with a Halloween one-shot -- Donald Duck and the Case of the Missing Mummy -- while Chase gives his props to Dynamite's new anthology Savage Tales. Come back next week for our Zombie Jamboree, and e-mail us with your picks for the greatest Halloween comics of all time at!

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EPISODE 36: GRANT MORRISON'S NEW X-MEN A few days late, but worth the wait! Chase and Blake are back with a special 2 in 1 Showcase, the first in their series of "Legendary Runs" episodes, starting with their thoughts on Grant Morrison's New X-Men. the guys discuss what they loved about the book, what made it so incredible, how the writers since then have dropped the ball and, finally, what's up with the X-Men family today. This week's picks fall on a pair of Green Lantern guest star books, Booster Gold #2 and Legion of Super-Heroes in the 21st Century #6! And just wait until next week, gang, for the first part of the 2 in 1 Showcase Halloween Spooktacular! Send your picks for great Halloween comics (or any other comments) to!
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Episode 35.5: Superman/Doomsday Movie Review Blake and guest geek Mike Bellamy spend a few minutes discussing the new Superman: Doomsday direct-to-DVD animated film, along with their thoughts on the sneak preview of Justice League: A New Frontier!
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Episode 35: The Mighty Thor Blake and his special co-host, Chase doing the world's worst Thor impression, are back for this week's spotlight on the Marvel Comics god of Thunder! From the legendary work of Walt Simonson to the DeFalco/Frenz era, from Mike Oeming's version of Ragnarok to J. Michael Straczynski's reimagining of the character, this week's Showcase is your Thor HQ. Amelia Rules dominates the picks of the week, and then the guys start planning for what's coming next. We still want your choices for next week's X-Men episode, and after that it's Halloween Month! Give us your picks for EC Comics, zombie stories, monster stories and anything that could fit in the Halloween Spooktacular! Send your choices and any other comments to!
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Episode 34: Our Favorite Team-Up Stories Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, The Thing, Richie Rich... what do all these heroes have in common? That's right, they've all anchored a team-up comic! This week, Chase and Blake talk about some of their all-time favorite team-ups, when one hero drops in on another's turf for an issue or two. They briefly discuss the history of the team-up, and the state of team-up comics today. In this week's picks section, Chase cheers on Hellblazer, while Blake bids farewell to Dan Slott's She-Hulk. The guys want your input for upcoming episodes! E-mail with your favorite X-Men stories, and then help us with our month-long Halloween party, including episodes about EC Comics, zombie comics, monster comics and then a final Halloween blowout! (And if you're feeling brave, record yourself and send us the mp3!) We'll read our favorite e-mails and play your sound clips on the show.
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Episode 33: Cult Comic Classics This week, the guys turn their attention to comics with a devoted fan base, but never a big one -- Cult Classics! Fans of Elementals, Savage Dragon, Route 666 and the New Gods, this is the episode for you! Then, in this week's picks, Chase comes up blank, but Blake doubles up with Bizarre New World and The 99. The guys want your picks for upcoming episodes as well -- X-Men is coming up, followed by a month long Halloween Horrorpalooza with epsiodes about EC Comics, zombie comics, monster comics and anything Halloween-y. Send your thoughts and your nominations to!
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Episode 32: Supergirl With the girl of steel joining the cast of Smallville this season, Blake and Chase decided to use this week to talk about their favorite Supergirl stories, the many incarnations of the character, and whether or not she makes sense in the current DC Universe. Star Wars: Legacy and Wrath of the Titans join the ranks of Showcase Picks this week, and the guys continue their plea for theme song suggestions and your favorite "cult" comics, team-up stories, and tales of the mighty Thor! Send your choices to!
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EPISODE 31: ADVENTURE HEROES AND BOOSTER GOLD With a new Flash Gordon show on TV, the guys take this week to talk about classic old-school adventure strip heroes. Buck Rogers! Dick Tracy! Doc Savage! The Phantom! And, of course, when they came together as the Defenders of the Earth! They talk about the new Flash Gordon (or perhaps "rant" would be more appropriate") and finish off the discussion by lamenting their lack of a theme song. Then, this week's pick of the week completely takes over the second half of the show, as the guys gush like giddy schoolgirls over the sheer awesomeness that was Booster Gold #1. Hit us up at with your comments and your picks for your favorite "cult" comics, team-up stories, and Thor adventures!
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Episode 30: The Avengers Before launching this week's episode, the guys take a few minutes to pay tribute to the late Mike Wieringo. Then it's time to tackle the best of Marvel's premiere heroes, the Mighty Avengers! The guys dish on their all-time favorite Avengers stories, share some of your choices and talk about the current state of the three (or is it five?) Avengers titles. In the picks section, Blake sings the praises of Hack/Slash, while Chase bids a fond farewell to Peter David's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. It'll be time to record again before you know it, folks, so e-mail with your favorite cult comics, team-up stories and Thor adventures!
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Episode 29.5: Stardust Mini-Review Following up on this week's main episode, Blake chimes in with his mini-review of the new motion picture Stardust. Was it worth the trip to the theater? Does it live up to the Gaiman/Vess original? Just click, listen and find out.
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Episode 29: Neil Gaiman and Stardust

There's one last comic book movie closing out the summer, friends, and so this week Chase and Blake turn their focus on Stardust writer Neil Gaiman. Listen as the guys discuss their favorite Gaiman stories, both in comics and prose, as Chase continues to confuse "the Dream King" with Gaiman himself, and as Blake explains what's really good about his work once you get past the pretentious goths who have attempted to co-opt it as their own. For this week's picks, Blake brings us Doug TenNapel's Black Cherry, and Chase cheats and slips in two -- Tek Jansen and Star Trek: Year Four. Be sure to come back later this weekend for Blake's special Stardust mini-review, and you can join in on the show now by e-mailing with your favorite Avengers, Adventure Strip heroes, and Supergirl stories for use in future episodes!

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Episode 28: Teen Titans After an unplanned absence from the net (and your hearts), Blake and Chase are back with the new and improved 2 in 1 Showcase, now featuring even more interaction! This week, the guys talk about the long legacy of the Teen Titans, discuss how the book has become the core of the DC Universe, tell their favorite stories, and then share some of the best Titans stories as selected by the listeners. And the picks section is back too! This week: The Weapon and Army @ Love. Want to have your picks included in the show? E-mail your choices for future topics, including the Avengers, Adventure Strip Heroes (like Flash Gordon and The Phantom) and Supergirl to .
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Episode 27.5: Special Announcement! Why no new episodes lately? Where have the guys gone? Blake steps up to the mic just for a moment to set your mind at ease... and to tell YOU how you can join in the fun for the next few episodes. Keep listening, friends, because 2 in 1 Showcase will be back before you know it!
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EPISODE 27: FREE FOR ALL FRENZY II Chase is sitting out this week, so Blake and guest host Mark Blicharz spend this week's show talking about some of the big events hitting comics right now -- The Sinestro Corps War, World War Hulk, Annihilaton: Conquest, Countdown and more. The guys mention some surprise hits at their respective comic shops, Mark shares a little insider gossip, and they dish out picks including Madame Mirage and JSA Presents Stars and STRIPE. Next week: Teen Titans!
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Episode 26: Women in Comics Challenged by a listener, this week Blake and Chase attempt to tackle one of the most complicated issues ever -- women in comics. How have female characters evolved? Are female creators becoming more prominent? And is it true that a male writer can't write a convincing female character? Once the guys get deep, they have some brain candy for this week's picks -- World War Hulk: X-Men and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight.
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Episode 25: The TransFormers

This week's Showcase is -- say it with us, folks -- more than meets the eye! Delving into the depths of their childhood, Blake and Chase celebrate the new TransFormers movie by talking about their all-time favorite TransFormers comics, just why it was that some kids preferred G.I. Joe to the Robots in Disguise, how much they love the classic movie, and just what it is they expect from Michael Bay's film. Then they get offbeat with this week's picks, Black Summer and Gutsville. Don't forget to join the conversation at the Comixtreme forum or the Myspace page, and leave us reviews all over the net!

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Episode 24: The Flash In times of crisis, things always go into chaos for DC's scarlet speedster, the Flash! And if there's one thing Chase and Blake know, it's that chaos makes for good podcasting. This week the guys discuss their all-time favorite Flash stories, what they think really happened in Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13 and Justice League of America #10, the future of the Flash legacy, and the impact of time-travel jet lag on the human body. Stick around for this week's picks: Nova and TransFormers: Megatron, and help spread the word about the show with reviews at iTunes and all over the web.
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Episode 23.5: Wizard World Philadelphia 2007 In this special bonus episode of 2 in 1 Showcase, Blake takes to the road for Philadelphia for the Wizard World 2007 convention. Joined by Showcase Emergency Backup Geek Mike Bellamy, Mike's wife Kim and Blake's girlfriend Erin Blash, the Quixotic Quartet brings you news from the con, tales from the convention floor, recommendations for new comics and a lot of fun.
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Episode 23: Silver Surfer In the second part of their two-part look at Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Blake and Chase discuss their favorite stories starring the sentinel of the spaceways. Heavy on Infinity Gauntlet and Annihilation, the guys also find time to recommend two upcoming reprint collections, Showcase Presents Captain Carrot and the resurrection of the Valiant Universe in Harbinger. Don't forget to check in at the MySpace page, leave us reviews all over the Internet, and check in later this week for Blake's special report from Wizard World Philadelphia!
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Episode 22: Fantastic Four

With Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer about to hit your movie theaters, Blake and Chase bring you the first of a special two part episode! This week, the guys talk about their favorite stories starring Marvel Comics' first family, the Fantastic Four -- the all-time classics, the "new" team, and their hopes for the new movie. And in this week's picks, the guys tackle a pair of lower-profile superheroes: Hero By Night and Madman Atomic Comics. Chat us up at the Comixtreme forum, visit the Myspace Page and be sure to come back next week for the second part of this series, focusing on the Silver Surfer!

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Episode 21: Archie Comics

There's something for the whole family in this week's 2 in 1 Showcase, when Chase and Blake turn their attention to America's favorite teenager and the rest of the gang at Archie Comics. Blake recalls his favorite titles, Chase ponders the cartoon show, and the guys talk about the "new look" of Betty and Veronica, the AWOL Archie superheroes, Sonic the Hedgehog and everything else Archie! This week's picks stay with the family-friendly theme, with Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and Uncle Scrooge, plus a bonus discussion on various Disney projects. Gather the kids -- young and old -- and listen to this one together.

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Episode 20: Legion of Super-Heroes Blake and Chase are climbing into the time machine this week to bring you the adventures of the 31st Century's greatest protectors -- The Legion of Super-Heroes. Through three continuities and innumerable revamps, what are Blake and Chase's favorite Legion stories? How about the Legion these days? How do they fit in with the Justice Society and Justice League? And what about the new Legion television show? The guys cover them all. Stick around for this week's picks, including Ape Entertainment's White Picket Fences and Marvel's Sensational Spider-Man Annual, then visit the guys at or the new Myspace Page --, and drop an e-mail to Don't forget about our ongoing contest, too -- listen to the show for details on how to enter.
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Episode 19: Star Wars It's a multi-fandom geekfest in this week's 2 in 1 Showcase. May is the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars movie, and there's no way Chase and Blake could let such an occasion go by without notice. This week our boys spend time talking about their all-time favorite Star Wars comic books, talk about the comics being published by Dark Horse Comics these days, and tell you how to get your episode idea moved up on "The List." Then they think out of the box for this week's picks -- TwoMorrows Publishing's The Dark Age and Fantagraphics' The Complete Peanuts. And stay tuned later this week for Chase's special bonus report from Phoenix Rising, New Orleans' big Harry Potter convention!
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Episode 18: From 52 to Countdown Now that one of the most ambitious comic books in history is over, Blake and Chase have to take the time to explain their thoughts on 52 -- what were the good points? What were the bad points? What does it mean for the DC Universe? Plus, their thoughts on the first issue of Countdown, and a new set of comic picks from Free Comic Book Day -- Nexus and Astounding Wolf-Man! Next, e-mail the guys at and join the discussion at the message board!
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Episode 17: Free Comic Book Day 2007

The sixth annual Free Comic Book Day has come and gone, friends, but the memories remain. Although Chase couldn't make it today, guest host Mike Bellamy joined Blake at BSI Comics for a special on-location episode to talk with the staff and customers of their local comic shop about FCBD, getting kids into comics, why Blake can't tell a Storm Trooper from a Snowtrooper, and everything to do with comics and movies. After the show, feel free to throw some reviews up at iTunes, Podcast Alley or Podcast Pickle, join the conversation at, and e-mail the guys at!

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Episode 16: Spider-Man Meets Venom With Spider-Man 3 hitting movie theaters next week, it's time for another movie-themed episode of 2 in 1 Showcase... but the guys talked about Spidey back in episode three! So this week, they're turning their attention to Spider-Man's greatest conflicts with one of his movie sparring partners, the slythering symbiotic villain called Venom. And since next week is Free Comic Book Day, the guys skip their usual picks to give you a rundown of the comics you can find at your local shop, and which ones they plan on picking up. Once the show is over, how about popping over to iTunes or Podcast Alley with a review? And as always, you can e-mail the guys at and join the discussion at the features section.
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Episode 15: Rob Liefeld It's the greatest debate in 2 in 1 Showcase history! Chase is a fan, Blake a detractor -- this week our hosts tackle one of the most divisive figures in comic books, Rob Liefeld. Once the smoke clears, they discuss indie hit Amelia Rules! and Marvel's Thunderbolts Presents Baron Zemo: Born Better, they dish on their plans for convention season and Free Comic Book Day, and for some inexplicable reason they wind up on a Harry Potter tangent. Because that's what geeks do, that's why. Be sure to join the discussion at Comixtreme, send your feedback to, and share some reviews at iTunes, Podcast Alley and any other podcast site you may visit.
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Episode 14: Daredevil Despite a few technical problems, Blake and Chase jump headfirst into this week's episode about ol' Hornhead himself -- Daredevil. The guys discuss their favorite Daredevil comics, riff on the movie, talk about whether The Target #2 will ever come out, and then dish on Spider Man and the Fantastic Four #1 and Wildstorm's Welcome to Tranquility. As always, you're invited to share your thoughts at iTunes and all the great podcast review sites, send an e-mail to, and join the discussion at the features section of
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Episode 13: Green Lantern

Thanks to a little reshuffling, this week Blake and Chase turn their attention to the emerald gladiators who patrol the spaceways of the DC Universe -- the Green Lantern Corps! The guys also talk about Sky Dog's super-cool comic Buzzboy and the end of Green Arrow. As always, they invite reviews at iTunes, Podcast Alley and Podcast Pickle, feedback at, or join the discussion at!

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Episode 12: Free For All Frenzy It's April, friends -- spring is in the air, the world is full of life, and Chase and Blake have too much energy to confine themselves to one topic. This week is their first ever Free For All Frenzy, in which our beloved geeks bounce around between what they consider some of the best comics ever made... and you won't believe their picks until you hear them!
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Episode 11.5: Blake's TMNT Movie Mini-Review As a special bonus to this week's episode, Blake gives you his mini-review of the new TMNT movie. Head on over to or e-mail to tell him how brilliant he is -- or why he's lost his mind!
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Episode 11: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Blake shows his age this week as Chase goes wild over those heroes of his youth, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The guys talk about the Turtles' classic comics, their days with Archie, which Turtles stories are canon and what they expect from their new CGI major motion picture. As always, they make their random cool comic picks, including Noble Causes and The Chronicles of Wormwood. Contact the guys at and visit them at the Features section of!
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Episode 10: Eulogy for Captain America Blake and Chase have decided to postpone your regularly-scheduled Green Lantern episode for a special 2 in 1 Showcase. Recorded on location at BSI Comics in Metairie, La., our resident geeks talk with each other, comic shop staff and comic shop customers about the ending of Civil War, the new status quo and the future of the Marvel Universe, and the "final" fate of Captain America. Our guys also speak up for Darwyn Cooke's The Spirit and Tom Stillwell's Honor Brigade, and as always, they welcome e-mails at and feedback at the Features section of
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Episode 9: Frank Miller and 300 Since movie fans are marveling at 300 this weekend, Blake and Chase turn their attention to Frank Miller. From his work on Batman, Daredevil and Sin City to his new comics and his work in Hollywood, our favorite geeks have plenty to say about one of the most influential comic book creators of our time. They also chime in on a few underrated comics, and as always, invite you to to e-mail them at and join the conversation in the Features section of
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Episode 8: Vertigo

This Week Blake and Chase talk about the realm of the “Dream King.? That is right they are discussing there favorite Vertigo books.

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Episode 7: Shazam! The best selling hero of the Golden Age, one of the most popular superheroes of all time... the big, red cheese? This week, Chase and Blake turn their attention to the original Captain Marvel and all the books that have documented the power of Shazam! Stick around for their discussion of cool books you should be reading -- this week including Archenemies and G.I. Joe: America's Elite, and visit the forum at
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Episode 6.5: Ghost Rider Movie Chase Went to see the Ghost Rider Movie, and he did not think it was that bad and here is a little mini review.
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Episode 6: Ghost Rider He's got a new movie hitting theaters this week, but the flame headed freak Ghost Rider has been a comic book star for nearly four decades. This week Blake and Chase discuss some of his greatest hits in the comics, the current series, Garth Ennis and Clayton Crain's new Trail of Tears miniseries, and of course, the new movie. Then stick around for more of their random comic picks, and join them on their forum to discuss the episode.
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Episode 5: Wolverine Blake and Chase tackle Marvel's mightiest mutant -- Wolverine. Who is he? Why is he so darn popular? And what do are their favorite Wolverine stories? Don't forget to stick around for our random comic recommendations, and visit us on our message board at
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Episode 4: Superman This week the Guys Talk about Superman.
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Episode 3: Spider-man 2 in 1 Showcase Episode 3 -- Spider-man
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Episode 2: Batman
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The first in a long-running series of podcasts about comics. This week, Blake and Chase discuss the current state of the "Big Two," Marvel and DC Comics.
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