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Episode 11.5: Blake's TMNT Movie Mini-Review As a special bonus to this week's episode, Blake gives you his mini-review of the new TMNT movie. Head on over to or e-mail to tell him how brilliant he is -- or why he's lost his mind!
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Episode 11: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Blake shows his age this week as Chase goes wild over those heroes of his youth, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The guys talk about the Turtles' classic comics, their days with Archie, which Turtles stories are canon and what they expect from their new CGI major motion picture. As always, they make their random cool comic picks, including Noble Causes and The Chronicles of Wormwood. Contact the guys at and visit them at the Features section of!
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Episode 10: Eulogy for Captain America Blake and Chase have decided to postpone your regularly-scheduled Green Lantern episode for a special 2 in 1 Showcase. Recorded on location at BSI Comics in Metairie, La., our resident geeks talk with each other, comic shop staff and comic shop customers about the ending of Civil War, the new status quo and the future of the Marvel Universe, and the "final" fate of Captain America. Our guys also speak up for Darwyn Cooke's The Spirit and Tom Stillwell's Honor Brigade, and as always, they welcome e-mails at and feedback at the Features section of
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Episode 9: Frank Miller and 300 Since movie fans are marveling at 300 this weekend, Blake and Chase turn their attention to Frank Miller. From his work on Batman, Daredevil and Sin City to his new comics and his work in Hollywood, our favorite geeks have plenty to say about one of the most influential comic book creators of our time. They also chime in on a few underrated comics, and as always, invite you to to e-mail them at and join the conversation in the Features section of
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Episode 8: Vertigo

This Week Blake and Chase talk about the realm of the “Dream King.? That is right they are discussing there favorite Vertigo books.

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