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Episode 16: Spider-Man Meets Venom With Spider-Man 3 hitting movie theaters next week, it's time for another movie-themed episode of 2 in 1 Showcase... but the guys talked about Spidey back in episode three! So this week, they're turning their attention to Spider-Man's greatest conflicts with one of his movie sparring partners, the slythering symbiotic villain called Venom. And since next week is Free Comic Book Day, the guys skip their usual picks to give you a rundown of the comics you can find at your local shop, and which ones they plan on picking up. Once the show is over, how about popping over to iTunes or Podcast Alley with a review? And as always, you can e-mail the guys at and join the discussion at the features section.
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Episode 15: Rob Liefeld It's the greatest debate in 2 in 1 Showcase history! Chase is a fan, Blake a detractor -- this week our hosts tackle one of the most divisive figures in comic books, Rob Liefeld. Once the smoke clears, they discuss indie hit Amelia Rules! and Marvel's Thunderbolts Presents Baron Zemo: Born Better, they dish on their plans for convention season and Free Comic Book Day, and for some inexplicable reason they wind up on a Harry Potter tangent. Because that's what geeks do, that's why. Be sure to join the discussion at Comixtreme, send your feedback to, and share some reviews at iTunes, Podcast Alley and any other podcast site you may visit.
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Episode 14: Daredevil Despite a few technical problems, Blake and Chase jump headfirst into this week's episode about ol' Hornhead himself -- Daredevil. The guys discuss their favorite Daredevil comics, riff on the movie, talk about whether The Target #2 will ever come out, and then dish on Spider Man and the Fantastic Four #1 and Wildstorm's Welcome to Tranquility. As always, you're invited to share your thoughts at iTunes and all the great podcast review sites, send an e-mail to, and join the discussion at the features section of
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Episode 13: Green Lantern

Thanks to a little reshuffling, this week Blake and Chase turn their attention to the emerald gladiators who patrol the spaceways of the DC Universe -- the Green Lantern Corps! The guys also talk about Sky Dog's super-cool comic Buzzboy and the end of Green Arrow. As always, they invite reviews at iTunes, Podcast Alley and Podcast Pickle, feedback at, or join the discussion at!

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Episode 12: Free For All Frenzy It's April, friends -- spring is in the air, the world is full of life, and Chase and Blake have too much energy to confine themselves to one topic. This week is their first ever Free For All Frenzy, in which our beloved geeks bounce around between what they consider some of the best comics ever made... and you won't believe their picks until you hear them!
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