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Episode 20: Legion of Super-Heroes Blake and Chase are climbing into the time machine this week to bring you the adventures of the 31st Century's greatest protectors -- The Legion of Super-Heroes. Through three continuities and innumerable revamps, what are Blake and Chase's favorite Legion stories? How about the Legion these days? How do they fit in with the Justice Society and Justice League? And what about the new Legion television show? The guys cover them all. Stick around for this week's picks, including Ape Entertainment's White Picket Fences and Marvel's Sensational Spider-Man Annual, then visit the guys at or the new Myspace Page --, and drop an e-mail to Don't forget about our ongoing contest, too -- listen to the show for details on how to enter.
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Episode 19: Star Wars It's a multi-fandom geekfest in this week's 2 in 1 Showcase. May is the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars movie, and there's no way Chase and Blake could let such an occasion go by without notice. This week our boys spend time talking about their all-time favorite Star Wars comic books, talk about the comics being published by Dark Horse Comics these days, and tell you how to get your episode idea moved up on "The List." Then they think out of the box for this week's picks -- TwoMorrows Publishing's The Dark Age and Fantagraphics' The Complete Peanuts. And stay tuned later this week for Chase's special bonus report from Phoenix Rising, New Orleans' big Harry Potter convention!
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Episode 18: From 52 to Countdown Now that one of the most ambitious comic books in history is over, Blake and Chase have to take the time to explain their thoughts on 52 -- what were the good points? What were the bad points? What does it mean for the DC Universe? Plus, their thoughts on the first issue of Countdown, and a new set of comic picks from Free Comic Book Day -- Nexus and Astounding Wolf-Man! Next, e-mail the guys at and join the discussion at the message board!
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Episode 17: Free Comic Book Day 2007

The sixth annual Free Comic Book Day has come and gone, friends, but the memories remain. Although Chase couldn't make it today, guest host Mike Bellamy joined Blake at BSI Comics for a special on-location episode to talk with the staff and customers of their local comic shop about FCBD, getting kids into comics, why Blake can't tell a Storm Trooper from a Snowtrooper, and everything to do with comics and movies. After the show, feel free to throw some reviews up at iTunes, Podcast Alley or Podcast Pickle, join the conversation at, and e-mail the guys at!

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