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Episode 27.5: Special Announcement! Why no new episodes lately? Where have the guys gone? Blake steps up to the mic just for a moment to set your mind at ease... and to tell YOU how you can join in the fun for the next few episodes. Keep listening, friends, because 2 in 1 Showcase will be back before you know it!
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EPISODE 27: FREE FOR ALL FRENZY II Chase is sitting out this week, so Blake and guest host Mark Blicharz spend this week's show talking about some of the big events hitting comics right now -- The Sinestro Corps War, World War Hulk, Annihilaton: Conquest, Countdown and more. The guys mention some surprise hits at their respective comic shops, Mark shares a little insider gossip, and they dish out picks including Madame Mirage and JSA Presents Stars and STRIPE. Next week: Teen Titans!
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Episode 26: Women in Comics Challenged by a listener, this week Blake and Chase attempt to tackle one of the most complicated issues ever -- women in comics. How have female characters evolved? Are female creators becoming more prominent? And is it true that a male writer can't write a convincing female character? Once the guys get deep, they have some brain candy for this week's picks -- World War Hulk: X-Men and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight.
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Episode 25: The TransFormers

This week's Showcase is -- say it with us, folks -- more than meets the eye! Delving into the depths of their childhood, Blake and Chase celebrate the new TransFormers movie by talking about their all-time favorite TransFormers comics, just why it was that some kids preferred G.I. Joe to the Robots in Disguise, how much they love the classic movie, and just what it is they expect from Michael Bay's film. Then they get offbeat with this week's picks, Black Summer and Gutsville. Don't forget to join the conversation at the Comixtreme forum or the Myspace page, and leave us reviews all over the net!

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