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EPISODE 31: ADVENTURE HEROES AND BOOSTER GOLD With a new Flash Gordon show on TV, the guys take this week to talk about classic old-school adventure strip heroes. Buck Rogers! Dick Tracy! Doc Savage! The Phantom! And, of course, when they came together as the Defenders of the Earth! They talk about the new Flash Gordon (or perhaps "rant" would be more appropriate") and finish off the discussion by lamenting their lack of a theme song. Then, this week's pick of the week completely takes over the second half of the show, as the guys gush like giddy schoolgirls over the sheer awesomeness that was Booster Gold #1. Hit us up at with your comments and your picks for your favorite "cult" comics, team-up stories, and Thor adventures!
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Episode 30: The Avengers Before launching this week's episode, the guys take a few minutes to pay tribute to the late Mike Wieringo. Then it's time to tackle the best of Marvel's premiere heroes, the Mighty Avengers! The guys dish on their all-time favorite Avengers stories, share some of your choices and talk about the current state of the three (or is it five?) Avengers titles. In the picks section, Blake sings the praises of Hack/Slash, while Chase bids a fond farewell to Peter David's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. It'll be time to record again before you know it, folks, so e-mail with your favorite cult comics, team-up stories and Thor adventures!
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Episode 29.5: Stardust Mini-Review Following up on this week's main episode, Blake chimes in with his mini-review of the new motion picture Stardust. Was it worth the trip to the theater? Does it live up to the Gaiman/Vess original? Just click, listen and find out.
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Episode 29: Neil Gaiman and Stardust

There's one last comic book movie closing out the summer, friends, and so this week Chase and Blake turn their focus on Stardust writer Neil Gaiman. Listen as the guys discuss their favorite Gaiman stories, both in comics and prose, as Chase continues to confuse "the Dream King" with Gaiman himself, and as Blake explains what's really good about his work once you get past the pretentious goths who have attempted to co-opt it as their own. For this week's picks, Blake brings us Doug TenNapel's Black Cherry, and Chase cheats and slips in two -- Tek Jansen and Star Trek: Year Four. Be sure to come back later this weekend for Blake's special Stardust mini-review, and you can join in on the show now by e-mailing with your favorite Avengers, Adventure Strip heroes, and Supergirl stories for use in future episodes!

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Episode 28: Teen Titans After an unplanned absence from the net (and your hearts), Blake and Chase are back with the new and improved 2 in 1 Showcase, now featuring even more interaction! This week, the guys talk about the long legacy of the Teen Titans, discuss how the book has become the core of the DC Universe, tell their favorite stories, and then share some of the best Titans stories as selected by the listeners. And the picks section is back too! This week: The Weapon and Army @ Love. Want to have your picks included in the show? E-mail your choices for future topics, including the Avengers, Adventure Strip Heroes (like Flash Gordon and The Phantom) and Supergirl to .
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