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Episode 35.5: Superman/Doomsday Movie Review Blake and guest geek Mike Bellamy spend a few minutes discussing the new Superman: Doomsday direct-to-DVD animated film, along with their thoughts on the sneak preview of Justice League: A New Frontier!
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Episode 35: The Mighty Thor Blake and his special co-host, Chase doing the world's worst Thor impression, are back for this week's spotlight on the Marvel Comics god of Thunder! From the legendary work of Walt Simonson to the DeFalco/Frenz era, from Mike Oeming's version of Ragnarok to J. Michael Straczynski's reimagining of the character, this week's Showcase is your Thor HQ. Amelia Rules dominates the picks of the week, and then the guys start planning for what's coming next. We still want your choices for next week's X-Men episode, and after that it's Halloween Month! Give us your picks for EC Comics, zombie stories, monster stories and anything that could fit in the Halloween Spooktacular! Send your choices and any other comments to!
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Episode 34: Our Favorite Team-Up Stories Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, The Thing, Richie Rich... what do all these heroes have in common? That's right, they've all anchored a team-up comic! This week, Chase and Blake talk about some of their all-time favorite team-ups, when one hero drops in on another's turf for an issue or two. They briefly discuss the history of the team-up, and the state of team-up comics today. In this week's picks section, Chase cheers on Hellblazer, while Blake bids farewell to Dan Slott's She-Hulk. The guys want your input for upcoming episodes! E-mail with your favorite X-Men stories, and then help us with our month-long Halloween party, including episodes about EC Comics, zombie comics, monster comics and then a final Halloween blowout! (And if you're feeling brave, record yourself and send us the mp3!) We'll read our favorite e-mails and play your sound clips on the show.
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Episode 33: Cult Comic Classics This week, the guys turn their attention to comics with a devoted fan base, but never a big one -- Cult Classics! Fans of Elementals, Savage Dragon, Route 666 and the New Gods, this is the episode for you! Then, in this week's picks, Chase comes up blank, but Blake doubles up with Bizarre New World and The 99. The guys want your picks for upcoming episodes as well -- X-Men is coming up, followed by a month long Halloween Horrorpalooza with epsiodes about EC Comics, zombie comics, monster comics and anything Halloween-y. Send your thoughts and your nominations to!
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Episode 32: Supergirl With the girl of steel joining the cast of Smallville this season, Blake and Chase decided to use this week to talk about their favorite Supergirl stories, the many incarnations of the character, and whether or not she makes sense in the current DC Universe. Star Wars: Legacy and Wrath of the Titans join the ranks of Showcase Picks this week, and the guys continue their plea for theme song suggestions and your favorite "cult" comics, team-up stories, and tales of the mighty Thor! Send your choices to!
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