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Episode 40: Halloween Spooktacular The 2 in 1 Showcase Halloween Spooktacular comes to a close as the guys discuss some of their all-time favorite Halloween comic books! The guys discuss spooky adventures with Superman, Captain America, Donald Duck and the gang at PVP, then delve into the Halloween specials and other creepy comics that came out in the past month, including Simon Dark, Franklin Richards: Monster Mash, Marvel Zombies 2 and many more! This week's picks include the deliciously haunted Crawl Space: Xxxombies and the decidedly family-friendly Walt Disney Treasures: 75 Years of Innovation. Come back next week for a return to our regular format with the shield-slinging adventures of Captain America, and don't forget to drop us a line at!
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Episode 39: Monster Mash!

The 2 in 1 Showcase Halloween Spooktacular continues! This week Chase and Blake talk about their favorite monsters and their favorite monster comics, from classics like Tomb of Dracula to modern hits like The Astounding Wolf-Man and everything in-between. Their picks this week include The Umbrella Academy and the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special, and there's still time to share your thoughts on the Spooktacular and your own favorite Halloween comics. E-mail, or record yourself as an MP3 and send it to us so we can share your throughts on the show!

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Episode 38.5: The Worst Part In this 2 in 1 Showcase bonus episode, special guest star Dr. Pus of the Library of the Living Dead podcast is good enough to share with us his wonderful dramatic reading of Blake's latest short story, the zombie tale "The Worst Part." For more zombie fun, check out this week in the Think About It Central Halloween Party, and be sure to come back Saturday for the 2 in 1 Showcase MONSTER MASH!
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Episode 38: Zombie Jamboree The Halloween Spooktacular continues! Blake, Chase and guest-host Kenny Fanguy board themselves up in the secret lair while the undead pound on the windows, clawing, desperate to eat their flesh. How better to spend the apocalypse than talking about their favorite zombie comics? The Walking Dead, Army of Darkness, Black Gas, Marvel Zombies and many others enter the spotlight. This week's picks include Battlestar Galactica Season Zero and the zombie-packed Shadowpact #17. And stay tuned to your iPods, friends, because there will be a special mini-episode on Tuesday featuring an original zombie tale by one of our hosts! There's also still time to e-mail picks for your favorite Halloween comics to
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Episode 37: EC Comics and Tales From the Crypt

It's week one of the 2 in 1 Showcase Halloween Spooktacular, and we're kicking it off in style! Blake and Chase talk about the history of the greatest horror comic publisher of all time, the legacy it left behind, the artists it inspired, the groundbreaking Tales From the Crypt HBO TV series, the sublime archive editions from Gemstone and the new Crypt comics from Papercutz. In the picks this week, Blake goes with a Halloween one-shot -- Donald Duck and the Case of the Missing Mummy -- while Chase gives his props to Dynamite's new anthology Savage Tales. Come back next week for our Zombie Jamboree, and e-mail us with your picks for the greatest Halloween comics of all time at!

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EPISODE 36: GRANT MORRISON'S NEW X-MEN A few days late, but worth the wait! Chase and Blake are back with a special 2 in 1 Showcase, the first in their series of "Legendary Runs" episodes, starting with their thoughts on Grant Morrison's New X-Men. the guys discuss what they loved about the book, what made it so incredible, how the writers since then have dropped the ball and, finally, what's up with the X-Men family today. This week's picks fall on a pair of Green Lantern guest star books, Booster Gold #2 and Legion of Super-Heroes in the 21st Century #6! And just wait until next week, gang, for the first part of the 2 in 1 Showcase Halloween Spooktacular! Send your picks for great Halloween comics (or any other comments) to!
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