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Episode 49: The Best of 2007

You sent in your nominations, and Chase, Blake and Mike Bellamy have taken them, tossed them up, and come up with the best in comics of 2007! Best writer? Best artist? Best storyline? Best publisher? Some of the choices will be obvious, and some will surprise the heck out of you. And instead of a pick of the week, stay tuned for the end of the show for our picks of the year! E-mail us with comments or suggestions at! Music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.

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So Chase goes solo, one more time as he looks at AVP. He briefly talks about the movies and his two favorite books.
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Episode 48: Christmas Comics Santa Claus is loading up the sleigh, so this weekend Blake and Chase talk about their favorite Christmas Comics. The guys talk about yuletide adventures with Superman, the X-Men, Deadman, Uncle Scrooge, Herobear and many more! Then, in the picks, the guys cheer themselves with the Moonstone Holiday Super Spectacular and Ultimates 3. Come back next week for the year-end spectacular! Music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.
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Episode 47: Disney Comics It's time for a little family fun as Chase and Blake tackle the intricate world of Disney Comics! From their origins at Dell in the 1940s, up to today's books from Gemstone and Slave Labor Graphics, the guys talk about the history of Disney in comics, some of their favorite stories, what they're doing right, and what they could be doing better -- and their findings just may surprise you. In the picks this week, Chase gives his props to The Walking Dead #44, while Blake has a big belly laugh with... World War Hulk: Aftersmash? We told you guys -- this episode isn't what you'd expect. Send your comments to Music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.
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Episode 46: Justice League of America It's time for our intrepid geeks to talk about the premiere superhero team of the DC Universe, the greatest team of all time, the Justice League of America! Blake, Chase and guest-geek Mike Bellamy delve into their favorite stories featuring every incarnation of the Justice League, they discuss the current comic book, and they shudder at the thought of the in-development Justice League movie. In the picks this week, Blake is all about the Justice Society of America #11, while Chase goes out a limb and talks about All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #8. Only a few days left, guys -- send your nominations for the best in comics for the year to! Check out the list of categories at the Forums section at Comixtreme. Music provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.
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Episode 45: World War Hulk

With Marvel's big crossover for the summer finally over, Blake and Chase spend this week talking all things World War Hulk. From the Planet Hulk lead-in to the best and worst crossovers to the three spin-off books emerging from the ashes, the guys dissect the new life of the Jade (or... um... Crimson?) Giant! In this week's picks, Blake digs the new creators of Supergirl and Chase finds a classic in the original Squadron Supreme! Don't forget to send in your nominations for the year-end spectacular, and tell the guys your picks for our next three topics: Justice League, Disney comics, and our favorite Christmas Comics! Your choices for these three episodes, your nominations for the year-ender and any other thoughts you have can be sent to! Music for this episode provided by the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.

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