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Episode 66: The Invincible Iron Man With a new movie in the works, Blake and Chase are giving up this week to Marvel's armored Avenger, the Invincible Iron Man! What are their favorite stories? Why does Chase dislike the character? How long can Blake rant about why he hated Civil War? And will the movie be any good? Stick around for the picks (Iron Man: Legacy of Doom and X-O Manowar: Birth), listener e-mails and Ask Chase Anything, and find out how YOU can make May 2008 the biggest month in Showcase history! E-mail us at!
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Not enough 2 in 1 Showcase goodness for you this week? Well fear not, gang, there's more! Our good friend Dr. Pus of the Library of the Living Dead podcast -- the podcast for all you zombie fans out there -- asked us to do a guest segment for his show, so Chase and I gave the Showcase treatment to Marvel Zombies. Our segment can be heard on Episode #48 of Library of the Living Dead. And stick around for zombie movie reviews, audio fiction, serialized novels, music, poetry and tons of more undead goodness! This is one monster of a podcast... pun intended!

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Episode 65: Summer Movie Blowout

So Blake is out of town and has left Chase all alone in the Secret Lair, and things get a little out of hand as Chase Rambles on about this summer’s biggest blockbusters. He also Lets you in on some of his favorite TV shows (LOST, BSG, DOCTOR WHO). ON the Comic Book Front he points out two books to avoid and he makes 3 Picks of the week.

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Episode 64: Crisis on Infinite Earths

It's time for a new feature on the Showcase -- 2 in 1 Retrospectives! With a Final Crisis brewing for the DC Universe, Blake and Chase dive into DC's past to discuss the history of, high points from and ultimate ramifications of one of the greatest crossovers ever, the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. The guys talk about everything that led into the first Crisis, everything that happened to the story, and how its effects are still felt in the DCU's stories today. In the pics, Chase pulls Sub-Mariner #6 from his pile of recent releases, while Blake finds himself a fan of the Young X-Men. We will record on Sunday, April 12 -- our Jack Kirby and Iron Man episodes -- so send your comments on these or any other episode to!

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Episode 63: What If?

It's time to delve in to the depths of the Marvel Multiverse! This week, Chase and Blake talk about Marvel's line of What If? comics. The guys give their favorite alternate-reality tales, talk about how the comics are published today, and share some of your e-mail. And this week, Chase has a special announcement you won't believe! In the picks, Chase is all about Dead of the Night, while Blake throws props to Cemetery Blues. The guys will record next weekend -- our Jack Kirby and Iron Man episodes -- so send your comments on these or any other episode to!

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Episode 0: Promo! PODCASTERS! Want to spread the word about 2 in 1 Showcase? Feel free to take this special promo snippet and play it on your own show! And if you do, please let us know -- we'd be happy to return the favor! Just e-mail us as!
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