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Episode 116.9: Free Comic Book Day 2009 Preview With only a few days left until Free Comic Book Day 2009, the Showcase Boys give you a rundown of all the books that will be available this year! What will be the must-haves? What will be the sleeper hits? And how many of you will come out to BSI Comics in Metairie, Louisiana to join the guys as they record their third annual on-location FCBD episode? Plus, the guys take a challenge that we extend to you as well: find at least ONE comic you've never read before and give it a try! All in this special bonus episode!
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Episode 116.5: NOLA Comic-Con 2009 Part One New Orleans is America's party town, but can it host a comic convention? This weekend the Showcase boys descended on the 2009 NOLA Comic-Con to find out. Recording from the floor, the guys talk about the show, share stories of comic conventions of the past, and chat about comics in general. Then, before the clock runs out, they sit down for a conversation with the Star Wars collector club, the Red Stick Rebellion. The Red Stick guys are just the first interview on the plate, though -- with a three-part convention episode, there's going to be plenty more to share in part two!
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Episode 116: 2009 Summer Movie Preview It's time once again for the summer movie season to kick into gear! This week, the Showcase boys run down all of the big pictures coming out this summer, giving their thoughts on each of them. Which ones do they want to see? Which ones will the pass? Which ones look like a NetFlix rental? And why might Blake wind up topless to satisfy Chase's rage? All the answers are inside! In the picks this week, Mike chooses Green Lantern Corps #35, Chase goes with The Walking Dead #60, and Blake picks Fables #83. This week's graphic novel pick: Tales of the Green Lantern Corps! Write us with comments, suggestions, picks of the week, "Ask Chase Anything" questions, or anything else at!

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Week in Geek #18: Clips, Caprica, and Cartoons

With no new Lost this week, you get an episode safe for anyone to listen to for a change! The guys talk about feeling letdown by a clip show, then jump into the new stuff -- the penultimate Heroes for Season Three and the new show The Unusuals. In DVD news, Chase gives his thoughts on the Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica and the just-released Spirit movie, and Blake is just happy to finally get a volume two of his beloved Tiny Toon Adventures. If you're in the New Orleans area this weekend, come on down and meet the guys at the 2009 Nola Comic-Con! And everyone can e-mail us at!

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Episode 115.5: Fast and Furious review

Chase sits down to review the new Fast and Furious film!

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Episode 115: Wolverine's Multiple "Origins" In a few weeks, X-Men Origins: Wolverine will come to your local cineplex. This week, the guys discuss the characters' origins, some of their favorite stories, the new cartoon show, and their hopes and fears for the upcoming movie. In the picks this week, Mike goes with Batman: Battle For the Cowl #2, Blake recommends 3 Geeks: Slab Madness #3, and Chase is a fan of Crossed #4. This week's graphic novel pick: American Jesus Vol. 1: Chosen. Write us with comments, suggestions, picks of the week, "Ask Chase Anything" questions, or anything else at!

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Week in Geek #17: Setting the Record Straight In this week's Week in Geek, the boys set the record straight about everything. Chase tells you how to survive in Disney World (don't bring kids), an e-mail corrects both the guys about blunders in the Wonder Man/Beast episode, and Chase explains why he watches shows (and reads comics) he doesn't like. And somewhere in there, they get around to discussing Lost, Heroes, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, the Green Lantern movie, and some announcements this week from DC Comics.
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Episode 114: Superman-Panic in the Sky Retro-week strikes the Showcase boys, as they sit back and discuss one of their favorite stories of the early 1990s, the Superman-family crossover Panic in the Sky! The guys discuss the roots of the story, the repurcussions, how it led to the Death of Superman, and how the "Triangle Numbers" of the era compare with the way the Superman family of comics is in 2009. In the picks, Mike goes with Booster Gold #18, Chase picks The Walking Dead #59, and Blake digs PS 238 #38. Our graphic novel pick of the week? The Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1! Write us with comments, suggestions, picks of the week, "Ask Chase Anything" questions, or anything else at!
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Week in Geek #16: Greetings From Orlando! With Chase off for a Disney World vacation, Blake is riding solo this week. Chase gives us a quick phone call to check in, then Blake dishes on this week's Lost, Dead is Dead, and the pilot episode of The Unusuals. Plus, he looks briefly at Kevin J. Anderson's upcoming Superman/Batman novel, Enemies and Allies. Contact us at!
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Episode 113: Wonder Man and the Beast They're Marvel's classic odd couple -- this week the guys talk about the unlikely friendship between Wonder Man and the Beast! The boys discuss the characters individually, their favorite stories, why they seem to work so well as a pair, and why Marvel desperately needs to put them in a comic together ASAP. In the picks, Chase loved G.I. Joe: Cobra #1, Blake says good-bye to Amazing Spider-Girl #30, and Mike is all about Supergirl #39. Graphic Novel Pick this week: Mike presents Captain America: Operation Rebirth! Write us with comments, suggestions, picks of the week, "Ask Chase Anything" questions, or anything else at!

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Week in Geek #15: Wanted, Dollhouse, Smallville, and a Little Thing Called Lost It's Week in Geek time again! After a correction from last week's Kurt Busiek episode, the guys delve into another episode of Lost. Chase wants to debate Blake's recent review of Wanted, and the guys jump around through several TV shows, including Dollhouse, Smallville, Heroes, Kings, ER, and Cupid! Send your comments and suggestions to
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