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This week Blake sits down and talks about the longest toy commercial he's ever seen -- and why, amazingly, it actually works. LEGO fans, fear not, this one is for you.

And what's cool this week? How the heck is nobody talking about what happened in Batman and Robin (or Batman and Two-Face, if you prefer) #28? Read it!

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It's the 300th episode of the Showcase, and Wizard World decided to celebrate by throwing a convention! Or maybe it's a coincidence, who can tell? At any rate, the guys spend the weekend at the convention and chat about cosplay, the autograph-prolific antics of Matt Smith, the fact that Attack on Titan is apparently a thing now, and Blake faces the reality that the next time he goes to a convention he'll be with his (GASP!) wife!

And what's cool this week? Kenny doubles up on the card game Fate/Zero and the TV show Almost Human, and Blake's into The Fox #4 and J.C. Hutchins's The 33.

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